Wallula Cemetery
Wallula, Washington 99363
                     General Infomation   Plot Sizes: 4' by 8' for the body of the grave. 4' by 2' for headstone placement. (Any height of headstone is allowed. If two plots are bought side by side, a larger headstone can be centered and installed over the 2' by 8' space.) Plot Rates: $500.00 paid in full before interment is allowed. Cost of Digging: (We do not dig graves.) The cost of digging the grave is between you and the mortuary.  They have access to qualified, knowledgeable diggers.  A concrete liner for the vault is required. Additional Information: A couple of containers of ashes may be buried on one plot.  However, multiple names on the headstone may be limited.  Please call one of our board members for more information and assistance in peeling back the sod and digging down the approved two or three feet. Additional rules: When placing flowers on a grave site, please use the container on the headstone.  With the exception of Memorial Day, containers of flowers will be disposed of one week after placement  (Do not plant flowers on the grave itself.) Pets are allowed , but must be restrained and not allowed to roam free where they can defecate on the cemetery grounds. The "Certificate of Interment" will explain your responsibilities.  Please Click Here and take a moment to read through it.
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Plaques, similar to the one above,   are available for posting on the entry pedestals. Please contact us          for more information.